REVIVE! Training – December 5, 2019.
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5 DAYS OF 5 WAYS YOU CAN PREVENT AN OVERDOSE:  The past few years the Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition has experienced a spike in overdoses in the middle of September.  This week we will be featuring 5 Days of 5 Ways You Can Prevent an Overdose with a different topic each day. Please check out our daily video posts and help us prevent history from repeating itself. We each play a part and can help save lives!

DAY 1:  The topic of Day 1 is NARCAN. You can receive feee NARCAN at all of the Lord Fairfax Health District Health Departments, at the Addicted to Hope Rally on September 14th, and at a REVIVE! Training hosted by the Coalition on September 19th at 5:30 p.m. (please sign up: 540-536-5004). NARCAN saves lives!  Please help us share this opportunity

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DAY 2:  The topic of Day 2 is drug take back.  Another way you can prevent drug overdoses is by disposing of unused and expired medications properly. Here is more information from the Coalition.  For a list of drug collection unit locations in the Northern Shenandoah Valley click here.

DAY 3:  Wednesday is day 3 of 5 Days of 5 Ways You Can Prevent an Overdose and another way to prevent overdoses is by utilizing community resources. One great support group in our community is Families on the Road to Recovery led by Pastor Brad Hill. The group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Grace Downtown of Winchester. We sat down with Pastor Brad to learn more about what this group offers. #5daysof5ways #familiesontheroadtorecovery #endthestigma https://www.facebook.com/familiesontheroadtorecovery/

DAY 4:  The topic of day 4 of 5 Days of 5 Ways You Can Prevent an Overdose is Certified Peer Recovery Specialists.  Another way to prevent an overdose is by connecting individuals living with addiction to local people in recovery.  Haley Brockway had the chance to stop by the Within Reach Peer Resource Center to talk about services offered, how to connect with local peers, and the Peer2Peer Warm Line.  Check it out!  #5daysof5ways #endthestigma

DAY 5: Friday is the 5th and final day of 5 Days of 5 Ways You Can Prevent an Overdose and today we are talking about the importance of ending the stigma of addiction. Tomorrow our community will come together at the 4th Annual Addicted to Hope Rally to Unite to End the Stigma of Addiction. Join us from 4 – 8 p.m. in front of Handley High School as we send a message to those living with addiction and those in recovery, that our community supports them. #addictedtohope #unitingtoendastigma #5daysof5ways

Persons in Long-term Recovery to be Featured at 4th Annual Addicted to Hope Rally

SEPTEMBER 6, 2019:  The fourth annual Addicted to Hope Rally will include a number of speakers who will share their journey from battling addiction to prospering in recovery.   Leading up to the Rally, the Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition (NSVSAC) is launching an overdose awareness campaign called 5 Days of 5 Ways You Can Prevent an Overdose.  For the full press release click here.

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A new program aims to give local youth a reason to say “no” to drugs. The Give Me a Reason Drug Prevention Initiative will provide local parents with free saliva-based drug testing kits. The non-invasive test can be given within the privacy of a home with results in about 10 minutes. Use of the kits, and supportive conversations led by parents and caregivers will reinforce teens’ positive life choices.  Click here to find out where you can get a kit.



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