Be Involved

An excellent way to let your children know how strongly you feel about not using drugs is to show them by example, be an active parent in all aspects of their lives, and don’t use drugs or alcohol.

Be Involved At Home:

  • Monitor your children’s cell phones, smart phones, and internet access.
  • Know what types of social media they follow, video channels they watch, and what types of music they listen to.
  • Establish some structure with you children so there is not too much free time

Be Involved In Your Child’s Social Life:

  • Regardless of your children’s ages, you need to be involved in their social lives.
  • When your children leave home to go hang out with friends, do you know who those friends are? Get to know their friends and get to know the parents of your children’s friends.
  • Even if you do not believe your child could be using drugs or alcohol, you should be concerned if you suspect that your child’s friends are using. In the national 2011 CASA study on substance use, two in five teens reported knowing at least one friend or classmate who used illegal drugs.

Communicate NO Tolerance for Substance Use

  • As a parent, you can have more influence over your child’s behavior than their friends do, and more influence than music, TV, and social networking sites. Make it perfectly clear that you do not want your child to use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Period. Stress it is unhealthy and it is illegal.

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