“Mainly what I smoked was the e-liquid from California, the THC liquid and the nicotine liquid look exactly the same, you could be sitting right in front of someone smoking marijuana and nobody would know.”
-Local person in recovery, 2014

To see images of paraphernalia listed below:

  • THC Products or Synthetics (Inhalation/Smoking):Mainly consisting of:
  • Marijuana-(“Weed”,”Chronic”,”Pot”,”Fire”, “Ganja”)
  • Synthetics-(K2,”Spice”, Bliss, Black Mamba)
    • Butane Hash Oil/Wax-(“BHO”, “Dab”, “Budder”, “Honey Oil”, “Full Melt”)
      -Coil based refillable electronic vaporizers (Being used with THC& liquid not nicotine)
      -Rolling cigarette papers /Cheap cigars “blunts” or Cigar wraps
      -Butane torches/Long glass pipes used to make BHO or wax
      -Paperclips/pens/other with black residue (used to clear out pipes and other products)
      -Bowls or other tobacco pipes
      -Water pipes “bongs”
      -Cellophane missing from cigarette packs
      -Small baggies/tinfoil/cellophane (used for small quantities of marijuana)
      -Vacuum sealer
      -Electronic scales
  • Soda/Pringle/Other can with false bottom (purchased from smoke shop to conceal -substances)
  • Febreeze or other odor masking products

To see images of paraphernalia listed below:

Prescription Pill Use (Inhalation/Snort/Oral):
Mainly consisting of:

  • Benzodiazepine-Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan(“School bus”, “Bars”, “Xanies” “Totem Polls”)
  • Opioids-Heroin, Dilaudid, OxyContin, Percocet, Suboxone, Vicodin(“Roxys”, “Blues”, “Beans”,“Percs”, “OC”, “Subs”)
  • Stimulants-(Adderall, Concerta, Vivance, Ritalin (“Addys”,”Uppers”, “Rittys”, “Truck Drivers”)
    Glass roses purchased from convenience stores (typically broken off to use as pipe)
    -Residue on credit card letters/numbers/edges of card
    -Rolled bill currency
    -Straws (Cut to make short enough to use for snorting)
    -Razor blades
    -Tin foil (typically burnt from using to smoke product)
    -Prescription bottles with labels removed/Wrong name on label
    -Pill shavers/Grinders
    -Prescription bottles with multiple types of pills

To see images of paraphernalia listed below:

Intravenous Use:
Mainly consisting of:

  • Heroin-(“Dope”, “Junk”, “Smack”, “H”)
  • Cocaine-(“Coke”, “Blow”, “Snow”, “White Girl”, “Christina”, “Yayo”, “White”)
  • Prescription Opioids-(“Roxys”, “Blues”, “Beans”,“Percs”, “OC”, “Subs”,”Vikes”)
    Black residue from “cooking” found on car seats, hands, lighters or clothing
    -Spoons found or missing from home (Typically with residue)
    -Metal bottle caps or cans for “cooking”
    -Cotton balls/Cotton swabs (typically torn apart)
    -Syringes, syringe caps, needles
    -Baking soda (Used to “cut” the product)
    -Belts/Neck ties for “tying off”

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