Recovery Centers

Edgehill Recovery Retreat Center
Winchester, VA                        540-662-8865

Edgehill Recovery Retreat Center provides a residential, non-medical setting for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Through an intensive self-development program, we give our guests the opportunity to feel the experience, strength, and hope of recovering alcoholics and addicts. Edgehill is a 30-day recovery retreat with continuing care components and connection with local Oxford sober living houses.

Rivendell Recovery Retreat
White Post, VA                         703-609-1111

Rivendell is a home and program designed to help men and women suffering the disease of addiction and alcoholism. We are a 12 step based program run by people who have successfully overcome addiction. We are a yearlong program built for long term recovery. Our program starts with 90 days inpatient, followed by a 60-day transition plan that includes returning 2 or 3 times a week. This is followed by 7 months of returning once or twice a week. During this year long program, we complete a step a month in writing, addressing the underlying causes and conditions of the disease.

The Recovery Connection
Winchester, VA                        540-504-7671    

The Recovery Connection provides housing and recovery related services to those that struggle with substance use disorder and desire a new way to live.   Our compassionate, professional and understanding staff works with each resident in developing individualized recovery plans based on realistic and attainable goals. We believe in a strength-based, person-centered approach where individuals can feel safe and supported during this difficult phase of their lives. Through peer support and a monitored structure, residents engage in daily meaningful activities and establish networks of support with others in the community. In our program, connection is the key.

Addiction Recovery Assistance