PARAPHERNALIA- Click here for images of specific paraphernalia

“Mainly what I smoked was the e-liquid from California, the thc liquid and the nicotine liquid look exactly the same, you could be sitting right in front of someone smoking marijuana and nobody would know.”

THC Products or Synthetics (Inhalation/Smoking):

Mainly consisting of:
Marijuana (“Weed”,”Chronic”,”Pot”,”Fire”, “Ganja”)
Synthetics (K2,”Spice”, Bliss, Black Mamba)
Butane Hash Oil/Wax (“BHO”, “Dab”, “Budder”, “Honey Oil”, “Full Melt”)

-Coil based refillable electronic vaporizers (Being used with THC liquid not nicotine)
-Rolling cigarette papers /Cheap cigars “blunts” or Cigar wraps
-Butane torches/Long glass pipes used to make BHO or wax
-Paperclips/pens/other with black residue (used to clear out pipes and other products)
-Bowls or other tobacco pipes
-Water pipes “bongs”
-Cellophane missing from cigarette packs
-Small baggies/tinfoil/cellophane (used for small quantities of marijuana)
-Vacuum sealer
-Electronic scales
-Soda/Pringle/Other can with false bottom (purchased  from smoke shop to conceal -substances)
-Febreeze or other odor masking products

Prescription Pill Use (Inhalation/Snort/Oral):

Mainly consisting of:
Benzodiazepine-Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan(“School bus”, Bars”, “Xanies” “Totem Polls”)
Opioids- Heroin, Dilaudid, OxyContin, Percocet, Suboxone, Vicodin(“Roxys”, “Blues”, “Beans”,“Percs”, “OC”, “Subs”)
Stimulants- Adderall, Concerta, Vivance, Ritalin (“Addys”,”Uppers”, “Rittys”, “Truck Drivers”)

-Glass roses purchased from convenience stores (typically broken off to use as pipe)
-Residue on credit card letters/numbers/edges of card
-Rolled bill currency
-Straws (Cut to make short enough to use for snorting)
-Razor blades
-Tin foil (typically burnt from using to smoke product)
-Prescription bottles with labels removed/Wrong name on lable
-Pill shavers/Grinders
-Prescription bottles with multiple types of pills

Intravenous Use:

Mainly consisting of:
Heroin-(“Dope”, “Junk”, “Smack”, “H”)
Cocaine-(“Coke”, “Blow”, “Snow”, “White Girl”, “Christina”, “Yayo”, “White”)
Prescription Opioids- (“Roxys”, “Blues”, “Beans”,“Percs”, “OC”, “Subs”,”Vikes”)

-Black residue from “cooking” found on car seats, hands, lighters or clothing
-Spoons found or missing from home (Typically with residue)
-Metal bottle caps or cans for “cooking”
-Cotton balls/Cotton swabs (typically torn apart)
-Syringes, syringe caps, needles
-Baking soda (Used to “cut” the product)
-Belts/Neck ties for “tying off”

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